Simply Be Catalogue Review

Simply Be, a well-known brand of plus-size clothing for women, offers a catalogue credit account that allows you to split your payments over multiple months. We’ll be reviewing the Simply Be credit account and examining what products they offer.

What is Simply Be?

Simply Be, a plus-size women’s brand, is mentioned above. They offer sizes from 12 to 32 and are passionate about making fashionable and trendy fashions available for their customers.

They claim to be a company that is focused on plus-size and curves. Super Dry and Adidas are just a few of the brands they carry on their website.

Simply Be is a popular brand because they offer a wide range of high-quality clothing for the plus-size market. Simply Be offers a wide range of exclusive deals, and you can return your purchase within 60 days.

You can also make credit purchases from their catalogue, which we’ll take a look at.

How does Simply Be’s credit account work?

This is, as we have already mentioned, a part of their online catalogue.

Simply Be offers 20% off your first order when you buy credit. You will need to complete an online application. They’ll ask you for your name, date of birth, and email address.

As part of your application, you will also need to pass a credit check. You will no longer be required to pay interest during the first few months.

Once approved, you are allowed to proceed with your purchases. Every 28 days, you will receive a statement indicating your minimum monthly payment.

This statement will list what you have received, what you have returned, how much money you’ve paid, your balance, and the minimum amount you need to pay.

You have the option to pay more in a 28-day period than what is due, but you still need to pay every 28-days after each new statement, until all is paid, including interest.

Products available

Let’s now look at what you can buy as part of the Simply Be catalogue. We’ll be discussing some of the most sought-after items in each section.

Simply Be offers a variety of women’s clothing, including kimonos, tunics and blazers. You can also find midi, smock, and maxi dresses at Simply Be.

Other popular categories of Simply Be’s womenswear include lingerie and activewear. Their website currently has over 9000 fashion products, which gives you plenty of options!

Simply Be offers a beautiful range of wide-fit women’s shoes. They carry shoes from respected brands such as Vans, Skechers and Dr Martens. Their website offers over 2200 products in shoe.

Simply Be sells everything you need, from gloves and jewellery to face covers. They sell over 1700 accessories from brands like Ray-Ban, Calvin Klein, and Eastpak.

Covid-19 Note – Regular face covers are not as effective than high-quality masks. Before you buy any face-covering, make sure you research the product thoroughly.

The beauty section is next. The Simply Be website has nearly 2500 beauty products, including items from Stila, Maybelline, L’Oreal and Dior.

You can also find a great vegan beauty range, including products from Nourish or Crayola.

Simply Be also offers homeware products that are a bit different. These products include Fitbit, Apple, and Sass & Belle.

This section contains approximately 800 items, with duvets and fleeces being the most in-demand Simply Be home products.

You might be tempted to purchase Christmas gifts on credit with the holiday season fast approaching. Simply Be offers many options for you to purchase gifts for different occasions throughout the year.

Simply Be offers many gift options depending on your needs. There is also a Christmas gift section with approximately 750 options.

Offers Available

This catalogue has many deals that can help you save money. You can save money by opening a Simply Be credit account.

Credit accounts have a minimum monthly payment, but you can make more if necessary.

The more time it takes to repay, the higher your interest rate. Remember that the earlier 29.9% interest rate is variable. We’ll discuss the different payment options a little later.

You can get a 20% discount when you open your first credit card account. Also, you will receive 0% interest for the first few months.

Customers can enjoy free delivery for 12 consecutive months starting at £9.95 You can get free delivery if you order more than £40 through the UK ParcelShop

Simply Be also offers a variety of short-term deals throughout the year. They offered a 40% discount on nearly 10,000 products during Black Friday.

For new offers, keep checking the Simply Be website throughout each year. Each one will include a Simply Be discount code. The Simply Be coupon code for Black Friday was WOW40

Simply Be’s online store has many benefits

We’ll go over each one in detail below.

Simply Be offers a 20% discount when you order your first order.

This allows you to save money on the short-term, which is great for cutting down your expenses when shopping online.

This is especially important if you plan to buy lots of gifts in advance of the holiday season.

Simply Be’s credit account has the obvious advantage that you can purchase items without having to pay anything upfront. Simply Be allows you to spend as much as £350 and then pay it back later.

Interest is a longer-term investment that will cost you more. However, it can be a great option if you’re short on cash or looking to improve credit ratings. This is assuming you are confident that you will be able make the payments on schedule.

It is better to pay at a reasonable interest rate each month than not making the minimum payment. This variable rate means that you will face a higher overall interest rate.

Simply Be will pay zero interest on your credit card. This advantage will not only make the short-term savings more attractive, but it will also allow you to cut down on additional expenses in the long-term. It will also give you more time for saving cash before you have to start paying interest.

This deal may change, disappear, or be replaced at any time. For the most current information, visit their credit account page.

Shopping at Simply be: The disadvantages

You should be aware of all the potential downsides when you sign up for a credit card account. One, interest rates will make you spend more long-term with any buy now, and pay later catalogue.

Credit accounts are only worth it if you want to save money over the long-term. You need to consider whether the benefit of credit accounts outweighs the cost of interest.

There are other issues that can be related to Simply Be credit accounts. Let’s take a closer look.

Registering a Simply Be credit card account is a good idea. You should be able to make your monthly payments on time.

Your interest rate will rise if you pay only the minimum monthly charge. You’ll be charged extra interest if you don’t make the minimum payments. It could also have a negative impact on your credit rating.

Simply Be does credit checks for all credit accounts applicants, unlike other catalogues. You may not be approved if your credit is poor. It is not a good choice for people with poor credit ratings.

What payment methods can you accept?

If you’re convinced that Simply Be credit accounts are right for you, then you might be curious about how to pay them. After signing up for a Simply Be Credit Account, there will be a monthly fee. There are four options.

Direct debit is one of the most popular payment options for any credit card, such as Simply Be’s. You have the option to pay a fixed amount, minimum amount or all of the monthly statements.

Every transaction will be listed under JD Williams on the bank statement. Simply Be customer support can help you cancel or amend direct debits.

Pay by card is also possible, regardless of whether you have a credit or debit card. You can use this payment option with Simply Be’s online account or via the automated payment service that is available over the phone. A handling fee of 1.5% may apply to credit card payments.

You can pay via text message using this less-known payment option. Also known as a CPA. Simply Be will send you a message with a link to a secure web payment page. To use this service, you will need a smartphone.

Simply Be will either keep your card details for automatic debit every 28 calendar days, or they can send you the secure payment link before each monthly payment.

If you choose the latter, your credit card information will not be saved. To avail this option, you will need to contact Simply Be. This payment option can be cancelled at any time.

You can also pay with a standing-order. You will need to set up a standing arrangement through your bank account. Simply Be will require you to complete the form.

For the payment reference, please use your customer number. This can be found under the “My Statement Details” section of your Simply Be account.

Can I open a Simply Be Credit account with bad credit?

You might be worried about being denied approval if you have poor credit ratings. Let’s look at what this means for opening a Simply Be credit card account.

It will all depend on your credit score, but there is a high chance your application will not be approved.

Simply Be will evaluate your credit history as part of the application process. This includes contact with any credit reference agencies.

If they decide you are not suitable to open a credit card account with them, it is more likely that your credit history was the reason why the application was rejected.

If you have further questions, simply email Simply Be. When applying for a Simply Be credit card account, your credit score can make or break you.

What are Simply Be’s Return and Delivery Policies?

Sometimes, we don’t get the item we wanted. There are many ways to return items purchased through Simply Be.

If you want to return an item, receipts are necessary. For promotional products, such as three-for-two deals, you will need to return any items you have purchased to receive a refund.

You have 60 days to return any item purchased after November 2020. A return should be processed within two weeks.

Additional delivery fees may apply. You must place your order before 11:59 pm on the day of delivery to receive speedy delivery Covid-19 plays a role in quick delivery. You can find more information on the Simply Be delivery & returns page.


We hope you enjoyed Simply Be’s review! We’ve reviewed Simply Be, a plus-size fashion website that offers a useful credit account. You’ll see that there are a lot of amazing fashion items in the Simply Be catalogue.

We also discussed the possible payment options and the advantages of Simply Be’s Credit Account. Click here to apply for the Simply Be credit account that is right for you. All the best and happy shopping!