Jacamo Catalogue Review

Jacamo was founded in 2007 with the goal of providing all men, regardless of size or shape, with access to top brands in the industry. Jacamo was founded at an ideal time to capitalise on the rise of online shopping and the ability to shop with store credit.

What exactly is Jacamo Catalogue?

Jacamo is a mail-order clothing company operated by J D Williams & Company Limited. The company began operations in 2007 at its headquarters in Manchester. They still do business there today.

Jacamo was the first online mail-order business to offer store credit and a pioneer in two niche markets. The ability to provide men’s clothing in sizes not offered by other companies was the second.

Jacamo’s mission was to make fashion more affordable to men of all shapes and sizes while maintaining style.

This goal was met with Jacamo becoming a well-known name in men’s fashion, particularly after marketing campaigns featuring ex-England cricketer Freddie Flintoff as Jacamo’s face.

Jacamo’s target demographic is males aged 25 to 45. They target this demographic by fine-tuning brands with a diverse product line.

While Nike and Adidas are popular, Vans and Jack Wolfskin are more popular.

Using Jacamo’s credit account

The credit service provided by Jacamo is a major selling point for its clothing shopping service. Jacamo will gather basic information about you, including your address history, employment history, and identity. They then run a credit check to see how your credit file looks.

This information is used by Jacamo to determine how much store credit you can get to use on the website. Jacamo will frequently review your credit limit and notify you via mail if they intend to raise it. You have the option of accepting or declining.

Jacamo will charge interest on any funds borrowed or spent with them. This means that any interest owed to Jacamo will be added to the total amount owed.

If you repay the money by the due date for your minimum monthly payment, you will not be charged interest.

A minimum payment must be made on any outstanding Jacamo debt. This minimum payment is required to ensure that you repay Jacamo in full and that interest does not accumulate above your credit limit.

Depending on the amount of your £5 outstanding debt, the minimum payment is 4%. You must pay this every 28 days or you will be charged a £12 late payment fee.

If you continue to miss payments, Jacamo may close your account and refer it to a third-party debt collector to recover the money owed.

What products does Jacamo have available in its catalogue?

Jacamo has a diverse range of products and brands that has grown steadily over the years. Jacamo also provides credit agreements for two additional brands. Let us examine them more closely:

Jacamo has a large selection of men’s clothing online, with a special emphasis on larger sizes and exclusive brands.

Coats and jumpers are the most popular items at Jacamo. This is primarily due to the fact that they are less expensive than higher-priced items.

Jacamo offers shoe sizes ranging from three to 18 inches. Jacamo has sizes ranging from 3 to 18. This is a significant advantage over competing stores, which only carry 12 or 13 sizes.

There are formal, casual, and athletic shoes available, as well as trainers.

Jacamo has a large collection of accessories. It includes watches, jewellery, belts, gloves, wallets, luggage, and other accessories.

Combining credit options with luggage is especially advantageous because high-quality luggage can be quite expensive, particularly for brands like Eastpak (which Jacamo stocks).

The men’s grooming market has exploded in recent years. Because facial hair is a popular trend, Jacamo’s grooming sets are among the best-selling.

Everything you need, from beard care kits to electric groomers, is included in the sets. To round out the grooming selection, skincare, fragrance, and gift sets are available.

Although Jacamo’s gaming and technology division was added later, it has been a huge success. This collection has everything you need, from gaming consoles to laptop computers and everything in between.

Customers have access to cutting-edge technology. The iPhone 12 was released in just a few days. Customers can now afford and access high-value goods thanks to Jacamo’s credit options. It addresses its intended audience directly.

Jacamo Catalogue Deals

Throughout the year, Jacamo offers a variety of deals. When the next deal will be available is difficult to predict. Jacamo occasionally provides interest-free deals to new customers for a limited time before returning to standard plans.

Jacamo provides discount codes, which can be found at the top of their website. These codes provide discounts on a variety of products.

The most recent coupon code provided free shipping on all orders. Last Black Friday, huge discounts were available across the entire store. It is necessary to return frequently to see if there are any offers, but you should be able to find at least one.

Jacamo Shopping Advantages

Jacamo provides its customers with a diverse range of products. It is, however, very focused on providing excellent customer service. These are the primary advantages of shopping at Jacamo.

Jacamo’s adaptability is what makes it a top choice among customers. It accepts payments in a variety of ways.

You can shop just like you would anywhere else by paying in full for your items.

You can also apply for credit and pay with the balance on your credit card.

You can pay it off in full and avoid paying interest. The service functions as a buy-now, pay-later model. You can pay cash or the remaining balance on your credit card if you prefer.

Jacamo provides numerous delivery options. Prices will vary according to how quickly you need your order. Standard UK delivery costs £2.95 regardless of order size and arrives within 3-5 working days.

You can order your items the following day by selecting the next day delivery option. This will set you back £3.95. You can also pay the same amount if you want to specify a delivery date.

Jacamo emphasised discounts and specials in a variety of ways throughout their website. They regularly offer discounts on specific items and will frequently have an additional discount code that you can use at checkout to add to your cart.

Returning items is simple with Jacamo. Fill out the returns slip that came with your order to return your item.

You can then have it couriered or dropped off at a post office.

Jacamo Unlimited is a fantastic membership programme offered by Jacamo. Jacamo Unlimited can be purchased for £7.99. This entitles you to next-day delivery for a year. That’s incredible given that next-day delivery costs £3.95.

The disadvantages of Jacamo shopping

Customers of Jacamo enjoy numerous benefits, but there are some drawbacks.

If you open a credit card and finance items, you may incur interest charges.

Jacamo will conduct a credit check on you. This will alert you to the fact that Jacamo has conducted a thorough search. If your credit score is low, you may be unable to obtain credit from Jacamo.

If you are unable to make your monthly payments on your credit card account, you may be charged late fees. This could result in a lower credit score and possibly legal action.

Payment Methods

Jacamo is determined to maintain its mission of being the most accessible brand on the market by providing its customers with a variety of payment options.

These are broken down further.

Acceptance of Jacamo Credit Accounts with Bad Credit

Credit scores and credit reports aren’t always straightforward when it comes to obtaining credit. There is no set credit-granting threshold. Each company makes its own decisions.

Despite the fact that your credit score is more important, you will be more likely to obtain credit. However, if you have poor credit, Jacamo may extend you some credit to help you demonstrate your ability to handle more.

What are the return and delivery policies for Jacamo?

Jacamo’s return and delivery procedures are straightforward.

There are four delivery options available:

Items can be returned within 60 days. Drop them off at the post office or an INPOST locker, or arrange for a Hermes courier to pick them up.

Forms for returns must be enclosed with the items.


Jacamo has taken significant steps to establish itself as a market leader in alternative sizing for men and women. However, in order to meet the needs of its customers, Jacamo is expanding into new product lines.

This service also includes a strong credit system, making clothing and products more affordable. What is most impressive about Jacamo is their ability to keep costs low throughout their operations, from returns to discounts.