Damart Catalogue

This article will look at Damart’s history from its beginnings in France to its current position in the competitive clothing industry. Damart’s credit history, products, catalogues, and the benefits and drawbacks of Damart UK shopping will all be examined.

The Story Behind Damart Catalogue

Damart was founded in 1053 by Joseph, Paul, and Jules Despature as a French company. They ran a textile company in Roubaix, France. They are well-known for their invention and for patenting Thermolactyl (a man-made fibre that provides warmth without bulky layers).

The team created thermal underwear out of chlorofibre, a synthetic fibre that is resistant to cold and water. It was first tested on rheumatoid arthritis patients at Nanterre Hospital. Damart’s first mail order catalogue was published in 1953, launching their successful career, which is why we included it in our top list.

The Damartex group employs over 4,000 people worldwide, with 650 in the United Kingdom. Damart went public in 1976 and is currently listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. Damart marked its 50th anniversary in 2003. It had 130 locations across Europe and a customer base of over 10 million.

It is one of Europe’s most popular multichannel brands for seniors over the age of 55. They make senior citizens’ lives easier by providing them with unique style, comfort, and innovation. Damart’s success can be attributed to their strong corporate culture. They support three charities and make significant investments in the environment and human well-being.

Social Awareness

This organisation is dedicated to preventing breast cancer deaths in women. They believe that if we act now, everyone with breast cancer will live. Damart has raised over £167,317 for the Breast Cancer Now Campaign to date.

Damart collaborated with the Breast Cancer Now Campaign in 2002. Damart has since raised £82,000 for breast cancer awareness through the sale of its limited-edition pink vest. Several media celebrities have contributed to the Pink Vest campaign over the years.

Damart not only received the prestigious “Healthy Heart Employee – Gold Standard Award,” but has also kept it every year since 2010. Each year, it takes dedication and commitment from both the company and its employees to win the award.

This includes encouraging healthy lifestyle changes, providing healthy food options, and encouraging physical activity participation. Damart and Heart Research UK have relaunched the Happy Healthy Heart Cookbook, which contains heart-healthy, filling, and delectable recipes.

Damart’s most recent charity collaboration is with The Silver Line. It is the only national, confidential, and free senior helpline. It is accessible every day and night of the year.

Damart is eager to assist in any way they can in addressing the issue of loneliness among the elderly. Damart has promoted, supported, and raised funds for this important charity through everything from products to afternoon tea with customers.

Damart is an active supporter of this charity, raising funds through various activities and bake sales. The Silver Line is a confidential, anonymous helpline that provides information, friendship, and advice to older people. It is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.

Damart’s catchphrase, which translates as “Cold me?” Never! “I wear healthy and warm Thermawear,” thanks to early TV advertising pioneers, quickly became synonymous with the brand. Damart’s image shifted from that of a medical brand to that of a manufacturer of thermal clothing for senior citizens. Damart quickly rose to the top of the thermal apparel market, selling over 1,000,000 units.

Damart sponsored Doug Haston (September 1974) and Doug Scott (September 1975). (September 1974). They wore Damart thermals while climbing to the summit. Damart technicians also created custom Thermolactyl equipment to aid a 60-day trek by a French explorer attempting to cross the ice by foot to reach the North Pole. He was subjected to minus 60 degrees Celsius temperatures.

Princess Diana paid a visit to the Damart UK headquarters in Bingley, West Yorkshire, on September 12, 1991, for a grand company tour. Damart’s thermal underwear was purchased at the shop by palace staff.

The Princess advised them to dress warmly. She also admitted to wearing Damart’s stylish thermal underwear to stay warm in cold weather. “I am like a walking advertisement for Damart,” she said, a testament to Damart’s thermals. They were good enough for royalty to wear. Damart underwear was also featured in the James Bond novel “Ice Breaker” in 1983.

Damart is well-known for its forward-thinking approach to textiles. Damart expanded into footwear following the success of Thermolactyl, an innovative fabric. Damart created shoes with built-in air cushions in the insoles, giving the wearer the sensation of walking on air.

Damart’s breakthroughs continued with Amortyl. This ground-breaking shock absorber was designed specifically for footwear. In 2013, they debuted new high-tech, ultra-comfortable hiking shoes.

Climatyl fabric from Damart featured triple-effect technology. It was windproof, waterproof, and breathable all at the same time. The fabric is made using the most recent textile innovations. In 2006, Damart also invented the first slimming pants.

Lineastyl was developed using a novel fabric. It has a wide range of applications in clothing, including underwear and ready-to-wear.

Three French figure skaters, Christine Arron, Christine Arron, and Vincent Vittoz, served as Damart Sport ambassadors (ex-cross-country skier). Damart Sport was founded as a division of Damart, which provides technical and innovative sports apparel.

Damart donated its well-known thermals to an initiative called Support Our Soldiers. They supplied nearly 10,000 sets of thermals to troops stationed abroad.

Damart’s Ocealis technology took five years of intensive research to develop. This is the first bioactive textile that interacts with the body to regulate temperature. This innovation is protected by a European patent. Damart’s Body Activ 3 line is made with Ocealis technology. This product is essential for winter sports and is on display at Futurotextiles in Paris.

Damart’s collections are constantly being improved in order to promote fun, vitality, and innovation through its products and customer relationships. The new collections are fashionable and comfortable, with sensual undertones. The ready-to-wear collection is full of innovation, with brands like “Ocealis,” “Lineastyl,” and “Climatyl” that provide weather protection.

Damart has its headquarters in France. It does, however, have operations in the United Kingdom and Australia. It also has partnerships in Australia and Spain that allow it to distribute its products to over 10 million customers worldwide. Damart’s collections are constantly tweaked in order to instil fun, vitality, and innovation in their products and customer relationships.

Damart genuinely cares about their customers. Their stellar reputation stems from the following key benefits they provide to their customers: exceptional value for money; excellent customer service; prompt delivery; and comfortable, fashionable clothing. Damart is a company that prioritises the customer in all that it does.

Damartex currently has nine brands, including Damart Sport and Happy D. They are dedicated to providing unrivalled quality, value, and, most importantly, outstanding customer service. The welcoming UK-based team can be found at the Yorkshire headquarters.

Damart’s UK physical retail stores have been closed, with the exception of the Bingley location. The brand can now be purchased online, by mail, or by phone.

Many TV and media stars use Damart’s line to protect themselves from the harsh conditions of on-location filming. It is essential for costume departments trying to keep actors warm in cold weather.

Damart’s credit account

Damart Personal Credit operates similarly to a credit card. Damart allows you to shop there, but your statement may take up to 28 days to arrive. If you pay the entire amount, no interest will be charged.

What kind of products does Damart have in its catalogue?

Damart, an online fashion retailer, has introduced a new eco-friendly collection made from recycled materials. This is a first for the brand, which is known for its wearable fashions and innovative thermal range. The “Regeneration” collection is a sustainable fashion collection comprised of key pieces designed for comfort and style. It has everything from basic knits to skinny jeans and shoes.

This season, you’re bound to find something while also helping the environment. The Regeneration straight leg blue jeans, priced at £29, have a semi-elasticated waist for comfort and a straight leg fit. Simple navy trainers (£49) with a contrast white sole and minimal detailing are also part of the collection. Wear them with your favourite Regeneration ensemble.

Damart’s cable knit sweaters (from £29) and recycled fabric cardigans (from £35) are essentials for the colder months. To create a stylish look, pair your knit with classic jeans or black boots.

Damart’s thermal ranges are well-known. Damart introduces a new thermal invisible collection this season (AW20/21). It combines warmth and opacity. There are five different shades to choose from to match your skin tone. The sleeveless vest can be worn under any outfit as an invisible layer. It also has stretch for comfort and a close fit.

Thermolactyl thermal technology from Damart traps heat. This super-soft top will keep you warm regardless of the weather. Sizes XS-XL are available in sand and light beige, chocolate, amber, dark, dark brown, and amber.

Damart has a “Perfect Fit” line of jeans that combine stretch for comfort and an invisible tummy control panel for added confidence.

Damart’s Thermolactyl line is ideal for the winter months, when temperatures fall and winter sets in. Damart provides more than just base layers of clothing. Damart also sells home goods.

Damart Catalogue Offers

Damart frequently offers promotional deals and coupons. There are currently 15 active coupons available, including a 25% discount with the code 19183.

Advantages of Damart Shopping

Damartex provides a 10% discount on your first order, free shipping and returns, and secure delivery. It’s encouraging to see that they’re a global brand that cares about diversity, inclusion, and fair pay. They believe in ethical, long-term procurement throughout their entire supply chain.

Damart provides promotional codes and coupons. Damart coupons can be redeemed for discounts on their website. There are currently 15 active coupons, including a 25% discount.

Damart adheres to the highest safety, quality, and regulatory standards. Independent specialist labs certify these standards. Damart suppliers adhere to European Union Regulations requiring the registration, evaluation authorization, restriction, and authorization of chemicals of very high concern (REACH).

It governs chemical use and the effects of chemicals on the environment and human health. Damart-certified laboratories test the chemicals on a regular basis, and the situation is closely monitored. Damart no longer uses genuine fur in any of its products. They no longer use Angora Wool in any of their products.

Damart offers products that combine style and functionality. This is a fundamental aspect of the brand. Damart guarantees that the people who make their products are treated with dignity, and that manufacturing processes have no negative impact on the environment or the health or well-being of those who consume them.

Within their organisation and supply chain, they prohibit modern slavery and human trafficking.

Damart has committed to the following ten principles as a member of the United Nations Global Compact: human rights, labour and the environment, anti-corruption, and the environment. Each year, they work with UN agencies, labour organisations, and civil society to advance these principles and share best practises.

Damart supports, defends, and respects international human rights while avoiding any human rights violations. Damart believes in collective bargaining and opposes forced and compulsory labour. They want to put an end to child labour and workplace discrimination.

They advocate for a proactive approach to environmental issues and are involved in initiatives to increase environmental responsibility and the development of environmentally friendly technologies. They combat all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery.

Disadvantages of Damart Shopping

Damart’s clothing sizes are occasionally incorrect. Customers must pay return shipping costs, despite Damart’s claim of free returns. According to Damart’s website, customers can return any defective goods, even if they are free.

Damart’s advertising campaigns aren’t always a hit. Damart caused quite a stir in 2005 when it sent a promotional email to its elderly customers. This was disguised as a last-minute reminder letter. This message was titled “Final reminder from Damart’s financial director” and had the words “Account Settlement” in red.

They lost many customers as a result of the promotion, who were dissatisfied that such a reputable company had risen to such lofty heights.

Damart accepts which payment methods?

Damart accepts the following payment methods:

Damart accepts all major debit/credit cards, with the exception of American Express and Solo.

This automated service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can check the balance of your Damart Select Personal Account and make payments at any time. You have the option of paying in full with your Mastercard, Visa, or Debit card or having payments processed instantly.

Direct Debit can be used to make online payments. You can access your online statement and view the due dates at any time for complete control and peace of mind. You can also request a Direct Debit Instruction Form, which must be filled out and mailed back to the company.

Damart typically takes 14 days to process your request after it receives it. You will receive mail confirmation once the Direct Debit is set up on your account. You can change or cancel the Direct Debit amount at any time.

Damart will only accept credit cards issued in the United Kingdom. Payments can still be made by postal order or check.

Can I open a Damart Credit account despite having poor credit?

Damart will calculate your credit limit based on your credit score and ability to pay.

What are Damart’s policies on returns and deliveries?

Damart accepts free returns and exchanges. Damart charges £3.99 for standard delivery. For those in a hurry, there is also an express delivery option available for £6.99. Delivery charges will be displayed at the checkout for each order.

You can either arrange for a courier or go to the post office to return your parcel. You can also drop it off at any branch or a my Hermes ParcelShop. They are available seven days a week.


Damart is a well-known, ethical brand that cares deeply about the environment. It has customers as well as employees. It works closely with three charities that it has selected to raise funds and awareness for. It has a large number of senior customers. The company’s thermal clothing is well-known. It has recently expanded into footwear and jeans.