Bon Prix Catalogue

This review will cover everything you need about Bon Prix, including information about its products and Bon Prix’s personal account. This review will provide insight into the benefits of shopping at Bon Prix as well as information about the returns and delivery processes.

What is Bon Prix?

Bon Prix, a UK retailer, was established by Freemans PLC in 2005. It is well-known for its wide range of fashion products that are suitable for all sizes and shapes. Sizes range from 6 to 32 at Bon Prix. There are also wide and slim fitting options available in Bon Prix clothes and shoes.

Bon Prix is primarily a women-focused retailer, but they also sell a variety of clothing and accessories for men, including electricals, home furnishings and garden accessories.

How does Bon Prix’s credit account work?

Bon Prix customers have the option to open a personal credit card account that will allow them spread the cost of purchases. You can choose to make a fixed amount, pay the full amount or only a certain amount.

You can also test before you buy with a Bon Prix personal credit card. This means that you can use any product for 14 days before making payment or returning it.

You can also open a Bon Prix personal credit account to get access to many Bon Prix discounts codes and deals throughout the year, which will allow you to save money.

Also, you will get 25% off your first credit order using the Bon Prix code VGRP. However, this does not apply to electricals.

All you have to do to apply for a Bon Prix credit card is to add items to your shopping bag and click checkout. You will need to select the personal account payment option on the page. This will require you answering some questions to verify your eligibility.

Bon Prix may need to conduct a credit check to verify that account holders are able to repay their loans on time.

If you accept the offer and are late on a payment, interest will be added to your existing charges. Bon Prix reserves the right to close your account and pursue unpaid fees if you continue to miss payments.

What products does Bon Prix offer in its catalogue?

Bon Prix stocks a variety of products, including:


Box Prix is best known for its womenswear, which includes Bon Prix dresses and Bon Prix coats, and Bon Prix ladies tops, in sizes 6 through 32. There are also a variety of stylish footwear and accessories. The following are some of the most popular items for women:


Bon Prix caters to men’s fashion with everything from shirts, knitwear, to swimwear and trainers. These are some Bon Prix favorites:


Bon Prix stocks a variety of comfortable and fashionable children’s clothing and shoes. These are some of our customers’ favorites for babies, girls, and boys:

House and Garden

Bon Prix has a wide selection of garden and home furnishings that will enhance your home’s exterior and interior. These are some of our most popular home and garden products:


Bon Prix also sells electrical products, including small kitchen applications, beauty electricals and computing products. These are some of the recommended products:

What Bon Prix Catalogue Deals are Available?

There are many deals available in the Bon Prix sale, as well as special offers for holidays like Christmas and Black Friday. Bon Prix personal credit accounts can get multiple discounts, including 25% off your first credit purchase with the Bon Prix coupon code VGRP.

Shop at Bon Prix and Enjoy These Benefits

Bon Prix offers many benefits that you should be aware of, including:

25% Discount on Your First Personal Account

You can instantly get 25% off your first order if you open a personal credit. Even if you don’t plan on spreading the cost, this will allow you to save money.

Flexible Payment Options

Bon Prix offers flexible payment options that allow you to choose whether you want to make full or minimum payments. You can also select a fixed amount each month depending on how much you owe.

Affordable Brands

Bon Prix stocks a variety of reputable brands at an affordable price. Sketchers, Nike and Adidas are just a few of the brands Bon Prix stocks.

Advantages of shopping at Bon Prix

There are many disadvantages, too.

Credit checks required

Bon Prix may require you to pass a credit check before opening a personal credit card account. This is to verify that you can repay the loan. But, applying for credit will not affect your credit score.

Additional Interest

You will be financially repaid if you miss any payments.

Interest may rise

The interest rate on a Bon Prix personal loan account may change, but this will not affect you if your minimum payments aren’t met or you make any.

What payment methods does Bon Prix accept?

Bon Prix accepts a variety of payment methods for personal account holders.


The ‘My Account” section of the website or mobile app is the best way to pay online. You can enter your debit or credit card information to make a payment.


Quickserv is an automated push-button service that allows you to pay quickly over the phone. It is a smart way to make payments. Simply call Bon Prix, use the Quickserv PIN to your statement, and follow the instructions.

Direct Debit

You can also set up direct debits with Bon Prix. To do this, log into your account and click the direct debit option. You can also fill in your account number and sort code, along with the amount that you wish to be deposited each month.

Internet Banking

Another option is to pay online via banking. You just need to enter Bon Prix’s account number, sort code, and number. Also include your customer number.

Bank Giro

Bon Prix sends out statement payment slips that can be filled out, and deposited at your bank branch.


You can also deposit checks through your bank or the Post Office. To have the cheque accepted, you must address it to Post Office Counters Ltd. You should also include your Bon Prix account number on back of cheque.

Call the Centre

If you have any questions about the payment options above, Bon Prix can be reached at 866-992-3344 to give you your card details.

Can I open a Bon Prix account with bad credit?

To ensure you are able to repay your Bon Prix credit account repayments, eligibility checks will be performed when you apply for one. If you have poor credit, you might not be approved for a Bon Prix credit account. However, you can still apply, since the application won’t leave a negative mark on your credit score.

What are Bon Prix’s Return and Delivery Policies?

Standard delivery costs £3.99 and can take between two to four days to arrive. Next day delivery is also available for £5.99, and it’s available Monday through Sunday.

Customers have the option of choosing a delivery date and pay the same for stated delivery. Next day delivery is the same price as stated delivery. Customers in Northern Ireland and the non-mainland UK cannot choose between stated delivery and next day delivery.

You may save time and money by purchasing the annual delivery pass. This includes deliveries to your home and Hermes ParcelShop. This deal is available due to Covid-19. However, it does not apply to Northern Ireland and non-mainland regions.

Bon Prix’s returns policy allows you to return any item if you are not satisfied with it or find faults within 14 days. As long as the parcel is in its original packaging, it can be returned in its original condition. You can either return the item at your local Hermes ParcelShop or arrange for a Hermes courier to collect it.

Before you do this, ensure that the label attached to your package is correct. You can either reprint the label online, or have someone at your local ParcelShop complete it for you if you lose it.


We hope that you are now able to make informed decisions about Bon Prix after reading our review. A personal credit account may be an option that will give you access to both regular deals and flexible payment options.

Bon Prix’s website has more information. You can browse the FAQs and products.

What are the Bon Prix promotions available to new customers?

Customers who open a personal credit card at Bon Prix receive 25% off any order above £100

When applying for personal credit, Will Bon Prix run a credit check?

To be eligible for a Bon Prix credit card account, you will have to answer some questions. It is possible for them to reject your application if you have poor credit.

Do Bon Prix stock my size?

Bon Prix stocks a variety of products to suit all sizes and shapes. You can find womenswear in sizes 6 through 32.

Bon Prix allows me to increase my credit limit.

Bon Prix will contact you to increase your credit limit if you have a personal account with current payments.

Bon Prix can be reached via phone or website to inquire about credit limit increases. They will then contact you to inform you of their decision.

What is Bon Prix’s Buy Now, Pay Later option?

Bon Prix UK offers customers who spend more than £100 the possibility to buy now and then pay later. This allows you to defer payment for up 12 months.