Premier Man Catalogue- Exclusive All-in-One Shopping Store for Men

Premier Man Catalogue- Quality and quantity on affordable prices

Premier Man belongs to JD Williams & Company Limited. It is one of the UK’s most established direct home-shopping companies and was founded more than 130 years ago in 1875. JD Williams operates over twenty catalogue brands in the UK and has websites for each one.

What is Premier Man, then? Is it just another catalogue with the same clothes that are available to male shoppers? No. Premier Man is not just a catalog. It’s a perfect website that offers a wide range of male fashion. Premer Man stocks a large selection of sizes and great value products.

What does the Premier Man offer?

Premier Man is a company that focuses primarily on affordable fashions for men. However, there are many other products available, including clothing, furniture, electrical goods, and accessories for the home. There’s also a good selection of shoes. Premier Man also sells larger electrical items like freezers and washing machines with sale save options.

You can also order the Premier Man mail-order catalog from the website. Delivery is usually within a few business days, provided stocks are available. You can order each product from the mail-order catalog online.

Get exclusive discounts in different ways at Premier Man- All in one men shopping catalogue

Regular visitors to any one of the catalogue websites will be aware that there are often special deals available at the “online catalogue”, which are not available via mail-order and Premier Man website is not excluded of these. Limited time deals are often available for visitors, and these deals are unlikely to become available via mail order.

J.D. manages Premier Man. Williams & Co. Ltd. To view other J.D. catalogues, click the link below. Williams & Co. Ltd or mail-order catalog stores from other companies.

Premier Man Credit Terms

Premier Man is a JD Williams catalogue brand. You can purchase catalogue products with your Premier Man Personal Account. This account can be quickly applied for at the Premier Man website and granted subject to credit checks. Sometimes, it takes less than an hour.

Each 28-day period, you will be sent a statement outlining your account activity and the minimum amount you must pay. You have the option to pay the entire balance at once, or spread smaller amounts over several months. This is sometimes more convenient for larger purchases.

You should only take out credit that you are able to repay.You must be over 18 years old and a UK resident to open a Personal Credit Account. Credit is subject to your ability and financial status.

Incredible Brands with Catalogue Credit

Premier man catalogue offers everything for men- Place your first order now

Premier Man’s menswear brands include Regatta, Farrah, Ben Sherman, and many other premiusm brands like Wrangler. For great casual holiday wear, you can also choose among Brown and Williams collections or the Sun Shop. All colours and fittings available up to 54 inches in waist, and the leg lengths can be customized for taller men.

High End Brands for Bad Credit Catalogue Customers

Premier Man offers a personal catalogue credit account at an APR variable of 58.7%. This includes a 14-day try before you buy policy, and no interest penalty for fully paying your monthly statement. With your information on hand, you can make secure online payments to your account.

Delivery options

Click and Collect orders above PS40 qualify for free delivery. Standard delivery is available at PS3.50 with a 3-day average. For PS6.50, next day delivery is available on Sundays and select days.


All returns are free. You have the option of calling the courier to arrange a home delivery, or the post Office for drop-offs at any time. All packaging includes return and exchange instructions.