Is it possible to take my pension before the age of 55?

Many people asked if they could withdraw their pension before the age of 55.

This article will help you understand the rules governing pension release, taxation, and when and how much you are allowed to withdraw.

Can I withdraw my pension before turning 55?
Can I withdraw my pension before turning 55?

Before we get into the specifics of the pension, keep in mind that you can withdraw funds from a private or workplace pension at the age of 55.

In 2028, this age will rise to 57.

You are currently entitled to a 25% tax-free lump sum.

When it comes to pensions, you have many options. One strategy is to save enough money to retire earlier than usual. Here are some pointers and ideas for retiring at 55.

Getting your pension before you reach the age of 55

In most cases, you will not receive any money from the state pension until you retire.

The current state pension age is 66 years old. Plans are in place, however, to raise the retirement age to 65 by 2028. You will still be eligible for your state pension if you are unable to access it due to illness.

You may be eligible for StatutorySickPay for up to 28 weeks, and if you have a long-term illness, you may be eligible for ESA (Employment and Support Allocation).

Can you withdraw money from a private pension plan before the age of 55?

You certainly can.

You will, however, be penalised.

If you cash in your pension before the age of 55, you will be taxed at a rate of 55%. (57 starting 2028).

As a result, many pension providers will refuse your request.

Although you can consult with a third party to see if they can assist you, they may charge you up to 30%.

You could receive as little as 15% of your pension pot.

Another consideration when considering a pension withdrawal before the age of 55 is that many companies providing this service have not been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority.

There are numerous scams that could lead you to fall victim to a pension scam.

Can I cash in my pensions from my previous employer?

Employers must automatically enrol you in a workplace pension scheme under the Pensions Act of 1988.

This means that you could build up multiple pension pots during your working life.

It’s tempting to wonder, “Can I withdraw my pension from an employer?” Yes, the answer is yes. If you withdraw money before the age of 55, you will face the same tax penalties. There are alternatives.

Transferring a pension

You’ll have more pensions than you can count, so you might want to consider a pension transfer.

To locate any lost pensions, you can use the government’s retirement tracing service.

Before you transfer any funds, make sure you know what kind of pension you want.

It could be a defined benefit plan with unique benefits. So think twice before acting, or seek professional financial advice.

If you plan to transfer your pensions for amalgamation, you can find useful advice and tips on the Gov.UK website.

Before you ask, yes, you can withdraw your private pension before the age of 55.

It is critical to review your retirement planning before deciding whether or not to withdraw money from your pension.

If you withdraw money from your pension funds too soon, the amount you are due for retirement will be reduced.

Withdraw funds from your pension at the age of 55

The answer to the question of how much I can take out of my 55-year-old pension without paying taxes is 25% of your pension savings.

You can withdraw more, but if you take out more than 25% of your pension savings at the normal Income Tax Band rates, you will be subject to income tax.

You must contact your pension provider if you want to receive the 55-year-old tax-free amount.

The forms will be mailed to you.

Continue working while collecting your pension

It is possible to withdraw 25% of your personal pension cash after the age of 55, but this is not required.

If you are financially secure, you can postpone the age at which you receive private pensions.

You have several options available to you:

Take a lump sum and leave the rest.

Your retirement funds can be converted into an annuity.

You can keep working and your pension will be maintained.

While we’ve already discussed the possibility of withdrawing your employer’s pension at the age of 55, what about continuing to work and drawing on your pension fund?

Is this a possibility?

Yes, it is conceivable.

It is possible, and many people have succeeded.

There is no set date for retirement.

It all depends on each company’s business practises and ethics.

If you agree, your employer will allow you to continue working after reaching the state pension age.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to cashing out your pension or receiving your private and state pensions while working.

Once you reach the state pension age, you are no longer required to pay National Insurance.

However, your total income, wages, and pensions are added together to determine your tax bracket.

How to Handle a Pension Deficit

Before we conclude this article on “Can I draw my retirement pension before the age of 55?” let’s talk briefly about what to do if your pension is in deficit.

If you have not made enough National Insurance contributions, your state pension will be insufficient.

If your contributions have been low over the years, you may have a pension shortfall.

To check your state pension status, contact the Future Pension Centre by phone or email.

You may make up any shortfall if you so desire.

Visit the ADVICE page at for information on how to obtain it.

It is difficult to predict how much money you will require for retirement, but there are many helpful hints.

Last thoughts

It is critical to plan ahead of time for your retirement.

It is critical to understand your retirement options and seek professional financial advice.


Is it possible to cash out my private pension before the age of 55?

After the age of 55, you can usually withdraw your pension.

However, your health and pension plan will determine whether there are any exceptions to this rule.

A terminally ill person with a life expectancy of less than one year may withdraw from their pension before the age of 55.

If you retire early due to poor health, you may be eligible for a “ill-health” pension, which allows you to access your pension before the age of 55.

Unauthorised payments made before the age of 55 may result in tax consequences, which most pension plans will not allow.

Can I take money out of my private pension earlier?

Yes. You have the option of taking your pension early. You can withdraw your private pension before the age of 55. (57 by 2028).

Is it possible to take a lump sum from my retirement before turning 55?

Yes, you can take a lump sum from your pension before the age of 55.

However, any amount taken from your pension before the age of 55 is subject to a 55% tax.