Fashion World Review

We’ll be covering how credit accounts work, what products they offer, and other topics like the pros and cons to opening a Fashion World credit card.

What is Fashion World?

Let’s first look at Fashion World before we discuss the credit account. Fashion World, a UK fashion company, focuses on plus-size womenswear. They also have a wide range of products for women and men of all sizes, including homeware, gardening equipment, and beauty products.

Fashion World is well-known for the many clothing items it offers, as well as the numerous deals such as unlimited delivery and credit accounts.

How does Fashion World’s credit account work?

This is how the credit account works. Fashion World Credit accounts allow customers to buy items on credit from the site with a limit up to £200.

The credit account has a variable rate of interest, but you get 30% off your first order, and 0% at the beginning.

You will need to complete a Fashion World online application form. This will ask you questions like your name, email address, and phone number. A credit check will be required as part of the application process.

You will pay less interest if you pay your debt off sooner than you think. You have two options: the Fashion World monthly pay option or the weekly pay option.

What products does Fashion World offer in its catalogue?

The Fashion World catalogue has a wide selection of amazing items. Now we’ll break down each product category and highlight the most sought-after items.


The Fashion World catalogue has more than 8500 amazing pieces of womenswear! It includes jackets, coats, skirts and tunics as well as dresses, skirts, tunics, accessories. AX Paris, Joe Browns and Adidas are just a few of the brands that feature in this category.

These are some of the most loved fashion products for women:

Next is women’s footwear. This category includes shoes, boots, sandals, and trainers from well-known footwear brands like Vans and Skechers.

Fashion World also offers 2700+ lingerie products, including brands such as Curvy Kate and Figleaves Curve, plus Pour Moi.


Fashion World offers more for women than it does for men. However, the catalogue still has over 4600 menswear pieces. Accessories, blazers and footwear are all included. This section includes brands such as Super Dry and Joe Browns.


Fashion World has a section for children with over 2700 products, including schoolwear, coats & jackets and accessories. Products are available for children of all ages, including toddlers and primary and secondary school students.


Fashion World also sells almost 1500 toys for children on its website. This section can be used to buy clothing items with your Fashion World credit card, but it’s also a great place to shop for Christmas gifts or birthday presents on credit.

The most popular beauty and health products

You can choose from over 2600 beauty and health products when you have a Fashion World credit card. This section includes items such as makeup and nails, nail polish, perfume, skincare, hair & styling, and perfume.

Home and Garden

The Fashion World catalog contains approximately 7700 products for home and garden, including cushions, beanbags and kitchenware, as well as lighting, wallpaper, home security, and garden equipment.

This catalogue includes nearly 2300 tech products from brands such as Apple, Sony, and Samsung. As you would expect, this section includes products such as TVs, tablets and gaming consoles, phones, speakers, and laptops.

The best-selling tech products

Fashion World sells approximately 2000 electrical products, ranging from vacuums to air treatment. This section features some of the most prominent brands, including Dyson, Vax and Russell Hobbs.

These are some of the most sought-after catalogue appliances:

The gifts section has over 1400 products. There is something for everyone in Fashion World’s catalogue, whether it be novelty gifts, gadgets or balloons, candles, books, trivia games, personalised gifts or novelty gifts.

You can also find the perfect gifts for Christmas in the current section!

What Fashion World Catalogue Deals are Available?

As we mentioned earlier, with Fashion World’s catalogue you can get zero interest for 30 days and 30% off your first order. You can save even more money by purchasing the Unlimited Delivery Subscription, which allows unlimited delivery for only £9.95.

Fashion World offers click and collect free of charge for orders over £40+ Fashion World offers regular discounts on a variety of items. Fashion World offers the best clearance sales.

There will be special deals throughout the year, such as Black Friday and Christmas. Watch out for Fashion World coupon codes and Fashion World discount codes as they become available.

Shopping at Fashion World: Benefits

Fashion World, like any other online store has pros and cons. We’ll be breaking down each in the following sections. Let’s first look at some of its benefits.

Fashion World’s website is easy to use, so you can shop from your home for your favourite new dress or tee-shirt.

This is especially important right now, with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. You can order online or stay in your home.

Fashion World offers a weekly option, and not only on a monthly basis, unlike many other buy-now, pay later catalogs. One of these options may be more suitable for you.

You might also want to sync payments and how often you get paid.

You can buy clothing items without having to pay a penny upfront by opening a credit card, such as the Fashion World credit account.

Although this is a great way to save money in the short term, it will also cost you long-term due to the interest that will be added to your payments.

This could be a good option if your budget is tight.

This would be only sensible if you are certain that you will be able pay the bills on time.

Fashion World allows you to return items within 60 days. To do this, you will need to provide a receipt. This returns period is still very helpful, since it’s often the case where consumers want to return a product only to find out that the returns period has expired.

Shopping at Fashion World: The disadvantages

However, Fashion World does have its downsides.

You can return any item purchased under a promotion to get your money back if all products are returned.

This could be, for example, a promotion of 3 for 2. To receive a refund, you would need to return all three items.

Any payments that you fail to make on time will result in interest. This will make your credit account less affordable.

If you want to open a credit card account, you need to be sure that you can pay the bill on time. Your credit rating could be negatively affected if you fail to make your payments on time.

Fashion World will conduct a credit check to approve you for a credit card. This will include checking with various credit reference agencies to determine your credit history and credit rating. Your application won’t be approved if you have poor credit.

Fashion World’s payment methods

We will discuss four options for you to pay your credit card payments. A Fashion World monthly or weekly statement will be sent to you with information about your current payment and the amount of remaining pay.

Direct debit is the best way to make a payment to Fashion World. You can choose how much you would pay for each statement.

The transaction will appear on your bank statement under the name “JD Williams”. Fashion World customer support can help you cancel or amend a direct debit at any time.

You can make a payment via the Fashion World website using your Fashion World account. This will allow you to set up a debit/credit card payment. You can also call Fashion World to make a payment via the automated payments service. Credit card payments may be subject to a handling fee of up to one and a quarter percent.

You can pay using this method online, over the phone or in person at your local branch of a bank. You will need the Fashion World account number and the sort code to make bank transfers. This information is available on the Fashion World website. Your Fashion World customer number is also required. This number will be displayed in your Fashion World personal profile.

Fashion World can be reached at 0871 231 2000 to pay by telephone. Additional charges for calls will apply at £0.13 per hour in addition to your normal charges.

They will need the following:

A continuous payment authority, or CPA, is another option. However, it’s less popular. You would get a text message on your phone with a link to a payment website. You can securely pay your money here.

You have two options: Fashion World can keep your card details on file so that automatic payments are made when they become due; or Fashion World can send you a link before each payment date to ensure that your card information is not kept on file.

Fashion World will need to establish this payment method. You can switch from one payment option to another at any moment.

You can pay at your local Post Office with your statement and the barcode on the payment slip.

Payzone payments are subject to a standard charge, which is £0.33; Electronic Post Office payments will be charged at £0.45. You must have proof of payment. Keep the receipt.

You can also pay by post! The long number of your credit or debit card must be entered into the boxes on the order form or payment slip. Don’t write down the card verification number. Fill out the rest of the form and send it to Fashion World.

You can also pay by mail by sending a cheque or postal payment slip along with a full payment slip. Your customer number must be added to the back of your cheque or postal order. Make cheques payable to “JD Williams”.

Can I open a Fashion World Credit account with bad credit?

It can be difficult to get credit if you have a poor credit score. Fashion World is no exception. Fashion World will perform a credit check to determine if you are eligible for credit accounts.

Fashion World credit accounts require a good credit score. There are many other buy now pay later catalogs that are available on the market, which do not require credit checks, and are therefore well-suited for those with poor credit.

How does Fashion World’s Return and Delivery Policies work?

Fashion World offers a variety of delivery options, including Unlimited Delivery, which costs only £9.95 per year. Standard delivery costs £3.50 and orders will take between 3-7 working days to arrive.

Next day delivery costs £4.50. To receive next-day delivery, you will need to place your order before 11pm on Friday evening or 10pm on Saturday evening.

A nominated delivery costs £4.50. You can also choose a date and time in advance to receive the items. You can order items to be delivered to friends or family members for their birthday for £1 less than standard delivery.

Click & Collect is another option. If your order exceeds £40, you can get this service within 3-5 working days for only £3.50 This service is usually free if you have spent more than this amount on your order. No matter which delivery option you select, additional charges might apply.

Your return can be made within 60 days of the purchase. Your return should be processed within 14 days. To get a refund, you will need to provide proof of purchase. What are the best ways to return items? You can send it by courier.

You can also return the products to ASDA, Hermes ParcelShop, or Post Office. If you are returning promotional products, all items must be returned if you wish to receive your money back.

Returns of items must be in the original packaging and unopened. You must also ensure that any security tags are not damaged.


We hope that our Fashion World review has answered all your questions about Fashion World’s credit account. For more information, please visit their FAQs.

This article will explain how Fashion World’s credit accounts work, its pros and cons, how you can pay, as well as other pertinent topics such as what Fashion World is selling.

Now you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy credit from Fashion World. Apply today if you are sure. All the best and have a great time shopping!